summer / spring 2021

forgive me for i have sunned

We recalled there’s one moment that In the midst of everything, one needs to trade the shadows in one’s damped and darkened room with a minimal amount necessary of sunlight. Well, it doesn’t have to be far; let’s try some meters outside the door, climbing up the not so occasionally cleaned roof, or, perhaps, a barren land where the only view is the silent rock’s outcrop. Embracing the sunup after the long night rain. Remember, maintain close contact with one only and only one thing: the sun ray. And say to the shadow inside: forgive me for I have sunned.

This particular summer and spring release is a derivation of the straightforward yet robust styles expressed  from overlooked and understated past uniforms. All were marshaled from what we already have throughout the start of time; gathering things scattered everywhere, understated things from our history, from our past to the right-now present.

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